Sleep Mask TENCEL™
Sleep Mask TENCEL™
Sleep Mask TENCEL™
Sleep Mask TENCEL™
Sleep Mask TENCEL™
Sleep Mask TENCEL™
Sleep Mask TENCEL™

Sleep Mask TENCEL™

Color Hygge Grey


Based on 417 reviews
Amazing product!

We love this duvet! So fluffy, comfortable, and warm. It breaks apart so easily when needed and has solved all our cover struggles!! We love it!

Comforter Insert

Love my new bedding! So comfy and the perfect weight!


This was just what my husband and I had been looking for after our experience in a hotel in Reykjavik. We got the all-season set-up and it served us well in the recent cold snap here in New England.

Super comfortable

Because I am a human tornado when I am sleeping, I bought this so my wife and I could get a better night's sleep. So far, so good, and they are super comfortable!

Very Cozy

Our comforter inserts are very soft, light, and comfortable with our bedroom temperate ~65 degrees. Hopefully they will be just as comfortable year round.

Shocked to Admit - LIFE CHANGING

My partner and I have slept together happily for nearly 30 years now, though we have always slept at different temperatures. Intrigued by the 'Scandinavian sleep system' of separate comforters, but unsure about the gap in the middle (creating a no-snuggle-zone?), thought I would give this solution a try. Ordered 1 light weight and 1 heavy weight duvet insert, and plan to switch to no insert and light weight in Summer. We could hardly believe it after that first night how much better we each slept! Thinking it was a fluke, we reserved judgment for another week. Now, 2 months later, we are as in love with the Split-Duvet as we were that first night and are happy to report it does not create a no-snuggle-zone in the middle (rather, one that is easily fixed by fluffing the covers so the magnets can reattach). I still get too hot sometimes, but my covers-on-covers-off shenanigans don't disrupt my sleeping partner any more. The only way I could be happier is (a) if the magnets were a little bit stronger and (b) there were more offerings in the bamboo fabric.


My husband and I began using our new split duvet about 3 weeks ago. We love it! The All Season comforter is perfect for cold winter nights in Iowa. We have ordered the lightweight inserts for summer. This is a wonderful product and very easy to put the bed together in the morning.

Incredibly soft

These sheets are worth it. I look forward to crawling in bed at night. The softness and breathability of these sheets make for a more comfortable experience. I love the way the fabric feels against my skin.

Great Solution

Love our new split covers! They have made a big difference in the quality of our sleep. Highly recommend.

Excellent service

The comforter is wonderful, but even better was the customer service experience. The was a mistake in the order (a gift) and the folks at Ervet made the switch incredibly easy and communicated with updates throughout the entire process. For me, this is what the customer service standard should be.

Perfect solution-top quality

Used the split comforter for a couple of weeks before writing this review and we absolutely love it. My husband often kicks the full comforter off the bed when he gets hot in the middle of the night which leaves me cold. Now, he only kicks his half off and I get to stay warm under my half. It looks good and is the perfect weight. Highly recommend.

Happy husband

Now my husband can quit telling me that I steal the covers all the time😂. So far, these have worked out perfectly! Thanks ervét

Excellent Couples Duvet

This duvet is perfect for us as I often am cold and my husband is warm at night. We added different inserts to meet our individual comfort. We have also had the duvet come apart at night but we each remain with our own duvet. Excellent concept and product.


The sheet are great they keep you warm even when you’re cool ! Lite easy to easy . My second set


The blanket is so comfortable and warm with the insert. I love it. And we don’t fight over blanket anymore


The pillowcases, as well as the sheet sets themselves, are fabulous! After sleeping on mine during her recent visit, my sister ordered a sheet set for herself!

So Comfy!

Different weights for husband and self is a game changer!

Love them

They feel wonderful and they are so easy to care for … a real home run

Review by cover hog

My partner complained about me stealing the covers, so I got the split duvet set for his birthday. So glad I did! Really a gift to us both. The all-season duvets are very warm particularly for their size. The duvet covers are a lovely shade sage and soft. My side of the bed admittedly looks like the Tasmanian Devil has visited, while his is quite neat through the night. :/ We’ve tried several comforters, quilts and set-ups, and I was worried this may be more money wasted. Definitely not! Highly recommend!

Super comfy sheets!

These sheets are extremely comfortable, feel great. Lightweight texture. Simply a dream to sleep on! They launder well, too!

They do seem to hold wrinkles easily, but otherwise, super soft.

Best idea ever!!

These are the best idea-my husband and I can use different weight comforters, I’m not trying to cram giant fluffy bedding into the washer, it’s the perfect softness and perfect weight. We sleep so much better! The magnets are a great idea when making the bed. When I change the bedding it’s so easy, and easy to keep clean. I’ve already ordered another set with the other weight. Customer service is friendly and my order was fast. I only wish there were more colors/patterns to choose from. I did order the flamingo print and it’s bright and cheerful.

Game changer

We are loving our new split duvet. No more middle of the night tug-of-war for the comforter when it gets cold. No we each just pull on our side and the magnets release giving us the freedom to sleep comfortably in the same bed.

Split duvet covers.

I love the concept. I love the percale cotton. I love that my husband and I can have different levels of warmth since we each have our own.
What I don't like are the magnets. Wish they were an option or something that is removable. The washing and drying are a challenge with them. I ended up cutting them out of our first set. That said I did order a second set. A Christmas present so it hasn't been opened yet. cool !!!

Who knew sheets could be this cool ??? I love these and this is my second set..

Bamboo Sheet Set

Love the feel of the sheets, wish you sold fitted bottom only as I use the Duvet in place of top sheet.

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Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.


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