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To improve the way we sleep, customizable bedding solutions, in beautiful colors and high-quality fabrics without the markup!
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Our Story

At ervét, we’re on a mission to improve the way we sleep and we’re excited to share our secret to a great night’s rest with you!

We launched ervét because my husband and I didn't agree on bedding. Reid is a night owl and I'm an early bird. Reid likes a thicker duvet and while I prefer a thinner duvet. Not to mention, one of us is a bit of a cover hog!

Sharing one duvet turned into a constant battle of tug-of-war and left one of us compromising on our sleep temperature preference.

ervét is the only bedding with magnetic inseams that allows you and your partner to sleep with your own duvet and customize your half of the bed with your preferred sleep temperature.

Say goodbye to waking up cold and coverless and welcome to a much improved night of deep sleep. 

Happy cocooning! 

Mel Covington 


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