Improving the way couples sleep

Hi! We’re Mel and Reid.
We've been sharing a bed together for over five years. We launched ervét because, quite simply, we didn't agree on bedding. For starters, we like to sleep at different temperatures. Not to mention, one of us is a bit of a cover hog. Sharing one comforter turned into a constant battle of tug-of-war every night, and buying bedding left one of us compromising on sleep temperature preference. 

We took matters into our own hands and started designing ervét, the only bedding on the market with magnetic inseams that allow you and your partner to sleep with your own duvet. Every detail of the ervét system is thoughtfully designed with all of the best features: corner loops and ties to keep the inserts in place, hidden hand-holes for guidance and zipper closures for easy bed making. We offer 3 Comforter Insert weights: one for hot, warm or cool sleepers. Best of all, Reid and I each have our very own duvet! That means no more cover hogging and a much improved night of deep sleep.

The ervét system has changed the way we sleep and the way we buy bedding. We hope you will join us, end the game of tug-of-war and sleep happily ervét after.

Happy cocooning,
Mel & Reid Covington