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Comforter Weights

All-Season or Lightweight?

Because our Split-Duvet Covers separate in half, you and your partner choose a comforter weight for your half of the bed. Read more below to learn which weight is best for you!

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• 2.5 TOG, ultra-light

• Super breathable and airy

• Barely noticeable, like sleeping on a cloud

• Top pick for nightsweats

• Micro-polyfill, 45% Cotton blend

• Soft-to-touch, feels like down

• OEKO-TEX® certified

• Corner-loops to securely connect duvet covers


• 4.5 TOG, slightly weighted feel

• Cozy and fluffy

• Year-round warmth

• Great option for cool climates

• Micro-polyfill, 45% Cotton blend

• Soft to touch, mimics down

• OEKO-TEX® certified

• Corner-loops to securely connect duvet covers

Our comforter inserts are available in two weights: Lightweight and All-Season. There are a few variables to consider when choosing which weight is best for you. These include time of year, your body's general sleep temperature and the climate you live in.

If you tend to sleep hot (and find yourself stripping off the covers in the night) then the Lightweight is a great year-round option for you. Especially if you live in a warm climate with mild winters.

If you prefer the cozier feel of more layers the All-Season is an excellent option. It is the top pick for cooler climates with seasonality.

In the summer months, we recommend sizing down to the Lightweight. The All-Season can be swapped in during the cool winter months.

Our Split-Duvet Bundle comes with a 100-night sleep guarantee. You can always exchange for a different weight, no problem. Improving your sleep is our top priority!

Reach out to our sleep experts who can help match the perfect weight for you