Risk free trial

Sleep Better Guarantee

Duvet Bundles

100 Night, risk free trial:

Experience the comfort of the ervét Split-Duvet Bundle and Dual-Temp Duvet Comforter Bundle with our 100-night risk-free trial! We want you and your partner to have the chance to enjoy the benefits of sleeping on ervét. That's why we offer a generous 100-night trial period for you to test ervét in the comfort of your own home and the warmth of your own duvet.

To qualify for a return during the 100-night risk-free trial, we kindly ask that you give your new duvet bundle at least 30 days to allow for a proper adjustment period. We believe that it takes some time for you and your partner to fully experience and appreciate the positive changes in your sleep quality.

Organic Bamboo Bedding

30-Night, risk free trial:

Your bamboo sheet sets and pillowcases come with a 30-night, risk free trail! We believe you should be able to try sleeping on organic bamboo to notice the improvement in your sleep, so we give you up to 30 nights to try the coolest, cleanest sheets in the comfort of your own home. To be eligible for a return on a 30-night risk free trial, we request that you try your organic bamboo bedding for at least 7 days before submitting a request.