Flat sheet: 110×104"
Fitted sheet: 76×80×15''
Envelope Pillowcases: 20×37×8"

Flat sheet: 110×104"
Fitted sheet: 72×84×15''
Envelope Pillowcases: 20×37×8"

Flat sheet: 92×104"
Fitted sheet: 60×80×15''
Envelope Pillowcases: 20×30×8"

Flat sheet: 86×98"
Fitted sheet: 54×75×15"
Envelope Pillowcases: 20×27"

Flat sheet: 71×104"
Fitted sheet: 39×80×15"
Envelope Pillowcases: 20×27"

Each sheet set includes:

1x Flat Sheet

1x Fitted Sheet

2x Pillowcases

Packed in a reusable a travel-size laundry bag!

Our fitted sheets are extra-deep 15" plus are an all-around elastic design for extra stretch. These fit well over plush mattresses and mattress toppers.


Split-Duvet Bundle

ervét Split-Duvet bundle includes 1x Split-Duvet Cover and 2x Comforter Inserts (one for each half of the split-duvet cover)

The Split-Duvet Cover has hidden magnets sewn inside and along the center long-edge of each half.

The Comforter Inserts are sized perfectly to fit inside each half of the Split-Duvet Cover.

The Split-Duvet Cover halves each have 4x Corner Ties and 2x Long-Edge Ties that secure to 4x Corner Loops and 2x Long-Edge Loops on the Comforter Inserts.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Lay the comforter insert halves flat on each side of your bed.

2. Flip the split-duvet cover halves inside-out exposing the duvet ties and the hand holes on the upper portion of comforter.

3. Tie the corner and long-edge ties on the duvet cover to the loops on the comforter.

4. Reach out for the hand holes from the inside of the duvet cover and pull the comforter through.

5. Secure the bottom corner ties and zip it up!

6. Do the same 1-5 steps on the other insert.


1. Lay both halves flat on the bed with the magnetic inseams facing each other down the center.

2. Connect the top two magnets at the head of your bed. 

3. Next, at the base of your bed, connect the bottom two magnets. 

4. Holding the bottom of both duvet covers, gently shake the covers down the middle. You’ll start to hear some clicks!

5. Head back up to the top of the bed and holding the top two magnets gently tug the duvet covers toward your headboard. The magnets will seamlessly connect down the middle!

Our magnetic inseams works flawlessly when the bedding bundle is properly made (see above, "How do you put the Split-Duvet Bundle together?")

When the Comforter Inserts are tied together with the Duvet Covers corners and long-edges, the magnets align perfectly along the inseams. We recommend connect the bottom and top magnets of each half together, and gently shaking the blankets for a very satisfying connection.



Whether you speak in TOGs or GSM, we've got you covered!

A tog is a unit of measure for thermal resistance. The higher the tog, the warmer the comforter and the heavier the weight:

Our Lightweight TOG is 2.5 and All-Season TOG is 4.5.

GSM “grams per square meter":

Our Lightweight is 150 gsm and All-Season is 300 gsm.

We use a micro-poly fill that mimics down and is extremely breathable and comfy. With over 2,000 nights sleep worth of feedback, our 2 weight options are the perfect solution for hot and cool sleepers.

If you think too hard on this one your head might spin!

When we refer to "hot sleepers" it means you struggle with night sweats and constantly strip the covers off in the night. If this sounds like you, then we recommend the LIGHTWEIGHT Comforter Insert.

A "cool sleeper" is one who wakes up cold in the night and needs to curl up underneath the blanket. Someone who likes a heavier weight blanket and that cozy, warm feeling. If this sounds like you, then we recommend the ALL-SEASON Comforter Insert.



All orders are shipped within 12-36 hours from our warehouse in Ontario, CA.  Delivery times will depend on your shipping option but all orders are tracked from our facility to your door.

Your tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as your order is processed for shipping.  A link to that page will also be emailed to you along with your receipt so you can return to track the package at any time.  

Unfortuantely at this time we only ship to the 48 contiguous states in the USA. We're looking to expand our logistics operations and be sure to check back in the future!

We use UPS, USPS and FedEx to ship orders and choose based on the quickest method at time of order placement.



Our bamboo bedding is made from organic, naturally anti-microbial fibers. This self-cleaning fabric only needs to be washed 1x a month. The delicate nature of the fabric (it feels like silk!) requires a gentle cycle, cold water and we recommend line drying until about 85% dry and then a quick fluff in the dryer.

Our high-quality cotton fabric is durable enough to wash every 10 days and in fact, gets softer with each wash! We always recommend line-dry as it's better for the environment. However, if you must, machine drying is okay too on a low heat setting.

Pillowcases we recommend swapping out weekly.

Refer to our Care Guide for more details.



Absolutely! If you're not completely in love with your ervét within the risk free trial period, you're eligible to swap any item within your order. We'll even cover the shipping fees!

Comforter weight too heavy? Split-duvet cover material not to your liking? Reach out to and one of our sleep experts will help find the perfect bedding solution to improve your sleep.

Whether you wish to downsize to a lighter comforter weight or swap into a different fabric for your split-duvet cover, you'll work with one of our sleep experts to find the right product for you. We'll pay for the shipping & handling fees too!

Because we offer an extended risk free trial period up of to 100-nights, exchanges are final sale.

All ervét products purchased on our website at regular price are eligible for exchange within our risk free trial period.

Clearance sales 50% or more, Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, and purchases from other website are not eligible for exchange.



Your risk free trial will start on your delivery date.

Split-duvet bundles are eligible for exchange and refunds up to 100 nights after your delivery date.

Organic bamboo sheet sets are eligible for exchange and refunds up to 30 nights after your delivery date.

To be eligible for an ervét return, we request that you try your new ervét Split-Duvet bundle for at least 30 days and bamboo sheets for at least a week before submitting a request, as it can take some time for you and your partner to adjust to a new way of sleeping.

All ervét products purchased on our website at regular price are eligible for returns within our risk free trial period.

Clearance sales 50% or more, Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, and purchases from other website are not eligible for return and are final sale.



We try to use zero-plastic packaging.

Our Sheet Sets, Duvet Covers and Pillowcases are packed in a reusable cloth bag - perfect to use a travel-size laundry bag! All are shipped in a reusable, recyclable kraft paper mailer.

Our comforter inserts are vacuum-packaged in a minimal plastic protective bag made from recycled materials. By reducing the size of the comforters during transit, we reduce our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

Organic Bamboo fabric: Bamboo is a sustainable material that requires less energy (water) to grow. In fact, bamboo uses only 12 gallons of water to produce one pound of fabric.

Plus, the bamboo fibers used in your sheets are never treated with pesticides or fertilizers.

Cotton fabric: we partner closely with our factory and buy leftover, hotel-quality cotton that we repurpose into our award-winning split-duvet covers. The cotton fabric would otherwise be thrown away and instead we salvage it as it is in perfectly good condition and in fact, is the same fabric used in 5 star hotels!