Light Blue

Fitted Sheet

Size Queen
Material Natural Cotton
Color Light Blue
All-around elastic fitted sheet. Temperature regulating natural cotton. Smooth and silky feel.
Based on 373 reviews
The Best

These are my favorite sheets! They are cool and super soft. Definitely my favorite part of the day.

Even my husband complimented it!

I got 2 lightweight inserts, which are perfect match for us. The duvet is lush and soft and the inserts are warm without being a crockpot of fabric. I've been telling all my co-workers and friends about them.

Love my new bedding!

I have wanted these European style bedding for a while and am so happy I found them - they are great I have the light duvet and my husband the middle weight duvet - I love that I do not need to use a top sheet anymore - I am impressed with the quality and fabric we have the cotton covers. I will be ordering more soon!

Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
Jewelene Quelle
Just WOW

I bought these from a tiktok video and was shocked the minute I opened them. SO very thrilled with this purchase! Feels like silk, but breathable like cotton. Cannot believe it's taken this long in my life to find such amazing sheets! I just ordered a second set :D

Extremely soft!

Customer service was excellent and they kept me informed while I was waiting for my order to arrive. Great quality and extremely soft. Love, Love. Love

Split-Duvet Covers
Marie Westin
Great product look and fell

Will be buying more

Comforter Insert
Sarah Carmony
Swedish sleeping saved my life

We made the weird mistake of having 1 king duvet, and then I couldn't take it and bought my own queen duvet. Our bed was a wreck. We never made it up because it was impossible. I would wake up frustrated with half of my blankets on the floor. This system is THE SOLUTION. I'm not walking up in the middle of the night fighting with blankets, I fall asleep and stay asleep, I am not bothered. AND, the bed looks beautiful.

Comforter Insert
Christopher Hamel

The bamboo cover especially is nice

Our go to favorite sheets

We originally got our first set through Kickstarter and loved them, so much that the ordinary Costco sheets we had before just weren't good enough anymore so we bought two back up sets of Ervet sheets. Just make sure you follow the washing instructions to maintain them as best you can.

Split-Duvet Covers
Beverly Lynn
Feels like silk

Love the sheets and duvet/cover. The split duvet cover is awesome. The magnets work good and are strong but do pull apart easily to separate the cover.

Just the Best Bedding Ever

Love, love my new bedding. Ervet has it all together.


Love it. The bamboo material is so soft and the comforter is warm without being heavy. I appreciate the fact that there are ties inside the comfort cover in all four corners to keep the comforters in place. Love the magnets also.

ervét Split-Duvet Bundle
Cindy Poole Roberts
Thank you, ervet!!!!

I am married to what you would call, a cover hog! I am a light sleeper so everytime he would toss and turn, he would pull more and more of the covers. In the morning, the covers were hanging to the floor on his side. Ever since using the split-duvet cover, I have been able to sleep through the night. And I love the feel of it, so now looking at buying the sheets! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the ingenious design!

Gaming changing

Good bye fighting over the blanket with your bed partner (human or pets). Or at least in my case, the boyfriend and cats fight over one half and I have the other to myself. Best blanket.


Split duvets should be standard in America. Our sleep has been better. These in particular are simply amazing. Would buy again.

The sage green color has been a hit. Looks and feels great.

Really impressed

It's oversized just a bit so no one is short changed, the closure stayed closed and released where it needed to, my husband even loves it. The customer service for my exchange of colors was insanely pleasant and prompt.. Of all the "internet" buys... this one is legit and have a great support and product system in place! Highly recommended!!!

Comforter Insert

Comforter Insert
Amy Bischoff
Great inserts

Great comforter insert; soft on its own, even without a cover; nice weight (I got the lighter weight option). The lightweight actually felt a little bit warm to me at first (I got it in the wintertime), but then after about a week or two, my body adjusted and it became just right temperature-wise. Now I'm using it in the springtime and it is still a great temperature for me, not too hot or cold!

Comforter Insert
Comforter insert-king size

Comforter is warm! We live in an old large home. Heat and sleep go together. I’m warmer, and more of a sound sleeper than I have been since childhood! Thank you

Self-explanatory and succinct. Video was a plus.

I love this sleeping experience, as does my husband! Usually my feet are cold, and my husband is a hot sleeper. With the split duvet we can cuddle and both be comfortable. Our heating bill will go down since house can be cooler while we stay warm. It even works for our Frenchie. He isn’t getting dragged up and down the bed anymore since the split duvet stays in place. My husband did comment, that in his observation, sleep system might improve with stronger magnets.

Smooth and cool

These pillow cases are cool to the touch and smooth to sleep on.

Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
Linda Thibeault
very nice quality

Soft, very wise idea. Love it

Organic Bamboo Pillowcase Set

Great loved it

My partner and I have always used separate duvets to sleep, and now with this making the bed doesn’t look weird, and we can share a duvet if we want to or just break it apart if we don’t. Awesome concept

Comforter Insert
Barbara Herrman

Comforter Insert

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