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    Split Duvets are THE BEST

    having two duvets and comforters on the bed has changed the way my husband and I sleep together! Makes the bed feel bigger and we can both move as mush as we want without disturbing the other. Sleep has never been better for us, thank you!

    Worth it so I don't have to share my comforter

    My husband complains he's always cold and I am the opposite. Every morning I wake up with no comforter on me and he has it entirely on his side. I wake up now covered which is nice but I still wake up hot sometimes in the middle of the night. Still a nice comforter though.

    Nice, unique bedding option for couples

    My partner and I have been sleeping with the ervet split duvet covers for a month now. Overall it's been a great purchase! Our bedding arrived on time and nicely packaged in zippered tote bags, which we've been reusing as storage for clean bedding. We particularly liked the option of purchasing different duvet weights, so she got the ultra light and I got the mid-light luxe. Mine is super comfy! The covers are a nice cooling material, and we love the hygge gray pattern. The only 2 reasons we felt this didn't deserve the extra star was: 1) one of the covers appears to be missing a duvet tie on the corner, so the duvet shifts around a bit 2) the magnets are a great concept, but are still a bit odd to get used to. They pull apart a bit TOO easily and reattach themselves lopsided at times. But for the most part, we've been satisfied with our new bedding!


    This is the best- I got to bed earlier than my husband and when he gets in bed I no longer feel the yank of the covers. I can also have a heavier blanket to my liking instead of a thin, freezing comforter. I love it. It’s so cozy and so nice to be able to roll without tugging the blanket off my husband. Amazing. Can’t say enough.


    I wish we would have gotten a smaller size as the part that drapes over the edge of the bed gets heavy. The bedding should really be on top not drape like regular down coverlet. Other then that we love it!!! Quality is wonderful