Discovering the Two-Duvet Bedding Hack

Sleep is essential to our overall well-being, and a good night's rest can help improve our mood, productivity, and overall health. However, getting a full night of undisturbed sleep can be challenging, especially when sharing a bed with a partner. This is where ervét, a modern take on traditional Scandinavian bedding, comes in.

Scandinavian bedding is known for its use of two separate duvets, each for one person, rather than a shared duvet. This allows for each individual to have their own temperature weight and sleep without any disturbances. The idea behind this style of bedding is that everyone has different preferences when it comes to the weight and temperature of their bedding, and that having separate duvets can lead to a more restful and comfortable sleep.

After experiencing the benefits of Scandinavian bedding on a trip to Copenhagen, co-founders Mel and Reid decided to bring the concept to their own home. However, they found that the DIY options available didn't quite meet their needs, so they decided to create their own bedding solution. Thus, ervét was born.

The ervét Split-Duvet Bundle includes a magnetic duvet cover set that connects for a tidy look in the morning and easily separates at night so you can sleep undisturbed with your own duvet. Each half of the duvet cover set comes with a comforter insert available in two weights, Lightweight and All-Season. This allows individuals to choose their own temperature weight and sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Ready to finally upgrade your sleep?



✔ 100-night risk-free trial

✔  Magnetic seams to easily attach and separate the covers

✔ 12 interior ties (6 per cover) to secure inserts in place

✔ Personalize your half of the bed with duvet inserts (All-Season, Lightweight).

To further address the issue of sleep temperature and partner disturbances, ervét has also created the Dual-Temp Duvet Cover Bundle. This set includes a King or Queen size Duvet Cover (without the split and no magnets) and a split-filled Comforter Insert with one-half Lightweight and one-half All Season. This set is slightly larger than a standard King and Queen, which makes it perfect for defining your half of the bed.

Overall, ervét has modernized Scandinavian bedding and brought it to a wider audience. With its customizable options and focus on individual comfort, ervét is a game-changer for those who struggle with getting a good night's sleep. Say goodbye to cover-hogging and sleeping at the wrong temperature, and hello to a peaceful and restful night's sleep with ervét. 

Split Duvet Covers

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