Thread count is a thing of the past

Buying new bedding is a chore for some, but a key opportunity for others. After all, bedding is something you use daily. You want to ensure that the place you lay your head at night is going to be comfortable and cozy. 

When it comes to choosing bedding the #1 thing people look for is the thread count. 

The myth states that a higher thread count = better bedding. 

The truth though is that thread count is not what you need to be looking for. 

If you peruse the aisles solely focused on the thread count, there’s a good chance that you won’t love the sheets you choose. 

Thread count is a thing of the past. 

Let’s dive deeper into why and what you should look for instead. 

What is Thread Count Anyway?

Thread count is simply the number of threads that each square inch of fabric contains. It includes vertical and horizontal threads. 

In theory, it makes sense why to consider thread count. However, when you dig deeper you realize that only a set number of treads can possibly fit into a certain area. Basically, the “good” threat count is just around 400. Any thread count above 400 suggests more unique counting rather than an actual improvement. 

For example, if you count the fabric’s ply, then you can count one twisted strang as two (because it’s two-ply). 

Put simply, you do want to find bedding with a thread count above 400, but anything above that isn’t necessary. Thread count is just one feature of bedding, it’s not the make or break factor you need to worry about. 

Thread Count is a Thing of the Past 

Thread count was advertised for many years as the “it” quality of bedding. We now know that it’s merely one feature to look for. Thread count alone should not make or break your decision on bedding. Bed sheets and thread count are not synonymous. 

What to Look for In Bedding 

If the thread count isn’t the top priority, then what should you look for in bedsheets? What bed sheets are the most comfortable? 

Here are some of the most important qualities to look for when buying bedding:


The number of fibers is one thing, but you need to consider the actual fiber content. What is the bedding made of? Bed sheets may be made from cotton, linen, polyester, or bamboo. 

Simply put, bamboo is the ideal material for bedsheets. Bamboo bed sheets are extremely comfortable, and they keep you cool all night long. This material is breathable, and moisture-wicking, helping you enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep. 

Here at ervet, we offer 100% organic bamboo sheets. Enjoy our soft, cooling, and sustainable sheets today! 


The last thing you want is bed sheets that are full of chemicals. Certain chemicals may help prevent wrinkling, but they are not good for your skin. Look for bedding that does not use chemicals or toxic dyes. If you choose sheets with color or pattern, be sure you know what dyes were used. 

Harsh dyes and chemicals can cause skin irritation and allergies. They are also detrimental to the environment. The best sheets are free of harmful chemicals. 


Have you ever felt a “high thread count” sheet set that just didn’t feel very soft? Rather than focusing on the number on the sheets, focus on how they feel. You want sheets that will be comfortable night in and night out. 

Look for sheets with a buttery soft texture. Ones that are soft, yet cooling. If you’re not able to feel the sheets in person before buying them, then check the reviews to see how others describe their feel! 


When it comes down to it, there’s a lot more than thread count you need to consider when purchasing bedsheets. Thread count is only one factor, and once it gets to 400 the count tends to be more about creative counting than quality. 

Of course, consider thread count, and look for sheets with a thread count of 400, but consider the other qualities as well. 

For bedding that is comfortable, cooling, and sustainably made, bamboo is the #1 choice. At ervet bedding, we offer 100% organic bamboo sheet sets in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. We make it easy to get high-quality, luxurious bed sheets for a fair price. Shop our online store today to get new bedsheets that you’ll love!

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