Two duvets on one bed

Why You Should Be Sleeping with Two Duvets on One Bed

Picture this and see if it sounds familiar. You’re snuggled up in bed with your partner ready for a good night’s sleep. But, you know what’s coming…the impending tussle for the blankets. Is there a microclimate on their side of the bed that defies science? How can you expect to drift off to sleep if your partner (or you) keeps hogging the covers? Relax, neither of you are crazy…in fact, this is pretty normal behavior. Short of opting for single beds (the nasty-sounding sleep divorce), there is a less extreme solution — sleep with two duvets on one bed. Yep, it’s an easy way to restore peace in the bedroom but it also has so many other benefits, here’s why it works,

You'll never fight over the blankets again.

If you're sharing a bed with a blanket thief, there’s no need to think of bedtime as a battle. By sleeping with two duvets on one bed, you’ll end all of the middle-of-the-night drama and sleep soundly through the night. We know what you might be thinking…isn’t it unnatural/uncaring/uncouth for couples to sleep under separate duvets? The short answer is no, it’s not. In fact, this Scandinavian sleeping style is the secret to healthy and happy relationships at home.

It will minimize the middle-of-the-night disturbances

When you have your own duvet, it’s a whole lot easier to slip in and out of bed without waking the other person up — this is especially good for new parents or those who work the night shift. Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary but when you have children, priorities change and attending to them in the middle of the night is inevitable. Sharing the load and supporting each other is easier when one of you can get up without disrupting your partner while they get some much-needed sleep. Shift workers who share a bed similarly need to be able to slip in and out at odd hours, it’s important to ensure everyone is getting proper rest. The only real difficulty is agreeing on a schedule. (Unfortunately, that’s one problem we can’t solve.)

Hot, warm, or cool — You choose the temperature

When you sleep with two duvets, you get to choose two different comforter insert weights — genius, right? This means that you'll never wake up freezing cold or sweat it out under the covers again. If you and your partner do prefer to sleep at different temperatures, there are lots of comforter insert weight options out there. However, you might have noticed that super warm winter inserts look completely different from a thin summer insert. Here at ervét, we’ve created customizable Comforter Inserts (ultra-light, lightweight and all-seasons) that are engineered so that they are identical in size, feel, and volume. This ensures that your bed always has an even look when both duvets are joined together.

Improves the overall quality of your sleep  

There’s no doubt that you get a deeper and longer sleep if you minimize the number of times you wake up during the night. Getting adequate rest is a normal part of maintaining a healthy, well-balanced life and is becoming increasingly more sought after. We all have individual needs and having your own duvet reduces the risk of waking up because of your partner’s sleep habits.

Sleeping with a two-duvet system will transform the way you sleep at night. With the help of the ervét sleep system, you can stop your sleeping battles, minimize wake-ups, sleep at the perfect temperature and improve your overall quality of sleep. Once you embrace the two-duvet sleep system, you’ll never go back. We promise.

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