Best sheets for night sweats

The perfect Organic Bamboo Sheet Set for night sweats

Few things can ruin a night’s sleep like waking up in a pool of your sweat. In addition to being uncomfortable and feeling gross, it can feel impossible to fall back asleep. Cotton and flannel sheets are notorious for this. Luckily, we have other options like bamboo sheet sets.

Those who are already in the know are aware of the many benefits to bamboo fiber. For those who already know all that you need to know and you’re simply looking for a bamboo sheet set I'll offer a quick summary:

ervét’s organic bamboo sheet set is the best you’ll find.

For those who are unaware of the benefits of bamboo sheets, keep reading! In this article, we will discuss what makes bamboo sheets so special. We'll also talk about how ervét compares to the competition and the pros and cons of their sheet set.

What makes it special? 

There are a lot of things that make bamboo sheets special. Compared to cotton, there are a lot of advantages.


Bamboo fiber offers remarkable temperature-regulating properties. With far less heat-storing capabilities than cotton, your whole bed will feel like the cool side of the pillow. 

Silky Soft

Actually, this isn’t really true. Bamboo fiber isn’t as soft as silk–it’s softer! If you’ve ever needed more reason to look forward to bed, the way you will feel in these sheets is it.


Bamboo uses only 12 gallons of water to produce one pound of fabric. This makes it much more sustainable than cotton which requires over 200 times more. You can feel good both physically and mentally about these sheets!


“Moisture-wicking” refers to a fabric’s ability to capture and evaporate moisture. Bamboo offers superb wicking capabilities, meaning you won’t be waking up in a pool of your sweat anymore.


Not that you’ll be sweating much anyways! Bamboo is an ultra-breathable fabric, allowing for far greater airflow than other materials. 


Because of the antimicrobial properties of bamboo, owners need only need to wash these once a month at a maximum. Unlike cotton, they won’t store all the bacteria and nastiness that can come from multiple nights of sleep. Aside from the benefits of needing less washing, it's nice to know that bacteria aren’t stored there all night.

How it Compares 

ervét offers a generous 30-night guarantee on their sheet sets. This means that you can return them, no questions asked, if they aren’t providing you with the great night’s sleep you deserve. That said, they’re quick to offer this guarantee because they know most people won’t need to take them up on it. 

These sheets offer an amazing night’s sleep. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is one that you are sure to not take advantage of. Compared to other sheets, ervét offers an organic, pesticide-free bamboo product. Their sheets are baby soft and offer a great night’s sleep.

One can confidently say that ervét edges out the competition in the market. Their price point is extremely competitive and their money-back guarantee gives you the confidence to take the plunge. 

Should I buy it? 

There are a lot of pros and very few cons to the sheet set by ervét. Let’s take a look at some of the factors one should consider regarding these sheets.


  • Softer than silk
  • Temperature regulation
  • Sustainable cultivation
  • Great price point
  • Ultra-breathable
  • Moisture-wicking capabilities
  • 100% organic bamboo, no pesticides


Bamboo comes at a competitive price point and offers ultra cooling, softer than silk sheets for the masses! As a more sustainable, more breathable, and antimicrobial solution, bamboo sheets are the new standard.

Cotton sheets are too hot and they hold in bacteria and other unwanted elements. Alternatively, silk sheets are cool but are hard to care for and delicate. Bamboo represents a sturdy solution that is temperature-regulating.

Silk sheets are great in the summer but they are too cold for the winter. Cotton doesn’t simply remain cold, it regulates its temperature and helps you to maintain a delicate balance. Even thread count is no longer relevant as a bamboo sheet set with a drastically lower thread count will beat silk and cotton every time.

check them out today! 

 With their no-risk 30-night guarantee, there’s no real reason not to!

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