Why bamboo sheets are the best

Looking for high-quality bed sheets can be a chore. A poor set of sheets can lead to an uncomfortable night's sleep. Aside from simply not feeling comfortable, cheaper sheets retain heat and moisture. 

Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night, hot and sweating through the sheets. Between the wet bedding and the uncomfortable heat, falling back asleep can feel impossible. 

Good quality bed sheets can fundamentally improve the quality of sleep.  The search for relief at night can send people to websites full of overpriced bedding in an attempt to find answers.  While many of these expensive options may be nice, they often aren't what's best.

When looking for the best bed sheets, the search often starts with thread counts. Putting aside the fact that thread count is starting to lose its relevance, the main factor now is material.  As far as material goes, nothing beats bamboo.

Especially if the goal is softness, cotton will never be able to stand up to bamboo.  After experiencing bamboo, you will agree that other materials used for bedsheets like silk and cotton fall far short of what bedding can be. 

Bamboo sheets aren’t just more comfortable, though. A lot of factors go into making bamboo sheets the best choice. Take a look below for some of the benefits of bamboo sheets, how ervét compares to others and the pros and cons of bamboo sheets!

What makes it special? 

Customers who enjoy high-end bed sheets will fall in love with these ervét bamboo sheets. The biggest advantage of bamboo sheets is that they will be the softest sheets that you have ever experienced. 

Bamboo sheets are truly in a league of their own. Once you switch to bamboo, you’re never going to want to go back.

There are a few different qualities that make them so special: 

Ditch the Flip

One of the biggest selling points for bamboo bedding is how cool it stays throughout the night. No need to flip for the cool side of the pillow or sheets. With bamboo sheets, the whole bed will remain cool. 

Unlike cotton or silk sheets, bamboo has more microscopic holes that allow for the heat to escape so it doesn’t build up within the fabric. Bamboo also has great temperature regulating properties outside of this meaning that it stays at the right temperature in the cold AND the heat!

Bamboo sheets stay, on average, about 3 degrees cooler than other fabrics. This may seem like a small difference but it makes for a big one in the middle of the night!

Imagine if the cool side of the pillow was all over your bed.



Another major benefit to bamboo is that it's a less harmful crop to produce than cotton.

Bamboo cultivation is easy and requires less water than other forms of fabric. 

Producing one pound of bamboo uses only 12 gallons of water. Cotton, by comparison, requires over 200 times that amount. 

In addition to creating less environmental harm, bamboo sheets are also a very sturdy material. Since the fibers used in bamboo material are longer, they don’t tear as easily and are likely to last longer. Adding longevity to the lifespan of sheets also contributes to the eco-friendly nature of bamboo. 

No Pools of Sweat

Bamboo also offers moisture-wicking capabilities, unlike its cotton counterpart. 

Typically discussed in regard to activewear, moisture-wicking is when a fabric pulls moisture away from the skin. Once absorbed, the moisture will draw itself to the exterior of the fabric, allowing it to evaporate quickly. 

Bamboo fabric has up to 70% more absorption power than cotton making it far more efficient at moisture control. Wave goodbye to waking up to the sheets being wet. Bamboo fibers are capable of absorbing up to 300% of their weight in moisture.

Many also find that bamboo sheets are less likely to turn yellow or grey over time. That said, bamboo sheets are machine-washable and more durable than other fabric options. They’re a sturdier fiber that is capable of lasting for more washing cycles than cotton or silk.

With the help of  ervét Bamboo sheets, you can enjoy a dry, comfortable sleep all year long. Never wake up in a puddle of sweat again!


Part of the reason why sheets made with bamboo fabric are less likely to turn yellow or grey over time is that it's a very breathable fabric. 

As mentioned above, bamboo fabric contains microscopic holes that allow for easy ventilation. It’s a breathable fabric and one that will be sure to keep you comfortable throughout the entire night as well as make it easy for moisture to evaporate.

If you are naturally a little warmer than you’d like to be at night, the cool fabric provided by bamboo can help. The ability to vent so easily makes the fabric particularly useful for sleep. With these sheets, you won’t feel weighed down.


How it Compares 

ervét can hold its own and then some against the competitors. Offering a soft, sturdy product, that will stand the test of the night and the test of time, these sheets are amazing. 

If you still aren’t convinced, they offer a “Sleep-Better Guarantee” which is extremely generous. For those who purchase their duvet or “ervét System,” ervét offers a 100 days, risk-free to try it out.

For the pillowcases and sheet sets, ervét still offers a 30-day window to try them out, risk-free. With this, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of sleep you are getting with your new ervét sheets, send them back and ervét will donate them.

That said, this offer exists because ervét knows that people aren’t likely to take them up on it after trying the sheets. ervét Bamboo Sheets are not going to be ones that you will want to give up. 


Should I buy it? 

Lightweight and durable with a baby-soft feel, it’s no wonder so many are switching their bedding over to bamboo. Does it live up to the hype though? Let’s take a moment for a quick recap of the pros and cons. 


  • Cooler than other types of fabric
  • More sustainable
  • Moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Ultra-breathable
  • Softer than silk
  • 100% organic bamboo, no pesticides
  • 30-night guarantee 


  • Only available online at ervét’s website

Bamboo sheets are the best option for people in general but bamboo sheets by ervét are a game-changer. Not only does ervét provide a reasonable product, but they also do so at a reasonable price while offering a satisfaction guarantee. 

If sleep is something that you struggle with and you’re looking for a cooler solution to the cotton or silk sheets on your bed, this is a must-buy.


Bamboo sheets provide better ventilation along with moisture-wicking capabilities. This provides for a cool night’s sleep and ensures that you won’t wake up in a pool of your sweat in the middle of the night. 

While most people would say a good night’s sleep is something that you can’t put a price tag on, ervét was generous enough to do so at a very reasonable rate.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out bamboo sheets yet, don’t forget that ervét offers a “Sleep-Better” guarantee. They would love to have you put their sheets to the test! Try them out for yourself today and see the difference that bamboo makes!

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