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Thread count is a thing of the past

Thread count is simply the number of threads that each square inch of fabric contains. It includes vertical and horizontal threads.  In theory, it makes sense why to consider thread count. However, when you dig deeper you realize that only a set number of treads can possibly fit into a certain area. 

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Hotel-quality bedding at home

Hotel bedding is undeniably comfortable, and investing in quality bedding can help recreate the hotel experience at home.
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Be bold in your bedroom

Choosing colorful or patterned sheets that can improve mood and offer comfort. Did you know, white sheets are boring, easily stained, and can reflect light, which affects sleep...
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Caring for Bamboo Sheets

The signs that you should wash your bed sheets should, in most cases, be obvious. They will start to smell, and you might notice sweat stains or other markings start to appear. If you often go to bed without showering, you might also start to see specks of dirt and debris. 
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The best split bedding option

Hotel quality duvet covers that can be split into two with hidden magnets to give each partner their own duvet. It also includes two comforter inserts that can be mixed and matched to accommodate different temperature preferences, and it has moisture-wicking properties and a 100-night Sleep Better Guarantee..
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